School Uniform

Our school uniform gives our children a distinctive and smart appearance. It is much more versatile as it allows pupils to use the same clothes for the classroom, forest school & P.E. This also makes it more cost-effective for our parents.

Our school policy is that all children should come to school with the uniform outlined below.

Our school uniform:

Navy joggers/shorts/leggings/skorts

Pale blue polo shirt (no logo)

Red hoodie with school logo (available from Mapac

Black trainers only


Additional PE Kit

Swimming trunks (boys)
A one-piece swimming costume (girls)


School uniform can be purchased from Mapac


PLEASE HELP US AND YOUR CHILD BY CLEARLY MARKING ALL CLOTHES AND POSSESSIONS WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME (Names in Biro ware off very quickly)  – Lost property can be returned to its rightful owner quickly if it is marked.

Labels can be purchased from Stikins.  Purchasing labels through Stikins also helps to raise money for the school. Please click on the link below for further information.

Click here to visit Stikins Name Labels