School Uniform

We have a school uniform which gives our children a distinctive and smart appearance.

The following is a list of the uniform and you will be helping your children if you can gradually equip them with the same clothes as their school friends.

Navy school skirt or pinafore
Navy school trousers or shorts

White polo shirt, cotton shirt or blouse
Red sweatshirt, cardigan or pullover

Summer dresses (red gingham only)

Plain Black, White or Navy Socks

Black shoes with flat sole and protection for toes

School footwear should be comfortable and functional. Fashion wear with high heels or without heel support is unsuitable. Please avoid pumps or trainers for daily wear for children; they are considered unhealthy by the County Medical Officer. Sandals do not provide enough protection and therefore should not be worn.

Separate clothes and footwear must be worn for Physical Education. This should be kept at school all week and taken home at weekends for washing, with the exception of swimming kit, which should be brought in on swimming days only.


PE Kit

White T shirt or Polo shirt
Navy shorts
Sweatshirt or tracksuit top

Trainers/pumps for Outdoor PE (Autumn & Summer term KS1; all year KS2)

Football Boots (Upper KS2 Autumn & Spring term)

PE bag to hold kit

Swimming trunks (boys)
A one-piece swimming costume (girls)


School uniform can be purchased from Mapac


PLEASE HELP US AND YOUR CHILD BY CLEARLY MARKING ALL CLOTHES AND POSSESSIONS WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME (Names in Biro ware off very quickly)  – Lost property can be returned to its rightful owner quickly if it is marked.

Labels can be purchased from Stikins.  Purchasing labels through Stikins also helps to raise money for the school. Please click on the link below for further information.

Click here to visit Stikins Name Labels