At St. Lawrence, music is at the core of what we do as a school and is highly valued by pupils, parents, and staff. We believe music facilitates the development of personal, social, intellectual, and physical skills. It is a powerful, unique form of communication that can transform the way people feel, think and act. Music helps to develop creativity and expression of emotions and can enhance a child’s ability to reason and think critically.

We deliver a music curriculum which is both engaging, purposeful, and fun, based on the three key musical components; the inter-related dimensions of music; composition and performance.

Using a music specialist, all pupils have access to regular curriculum music sessions, in line with the national plan for music education document (June 22) based on the model music curriculum (March 21).

Throughout the year, children are given opportunities to celebrate their musical skills through performance in the following ways; termly instrumental recitals; KS1 and KS2 singing assemblies; Harvest, Christmas and Easter church services; an end of year summer show; singing in the wider community, such as Carols in the Square, Christmas Light switch on, singing at the local old peoples home, hymns on the hill; participation in county events run by the Music Service hub, such as Shropshire Sings and orchestral workshops at the local secondary school.

As part of their musical journey, all children are given the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments, within their curriculum sessions and then further develop their interest with an external peripatetic tutor if they choose.

Our overall vision in school is for all pupils to share our passion for music and grow in confidence, through the musical opportunities we provide them.



  • Music is taught by a specialist music teacher, bought in through Shropshire Music Services. She delivers regular 30-minute curriculum lessons to EYFS, KS1 and KS2, on a fortnightly rotation.
  • Singing assemblies for EYFS and KS1 and a separate KS2 assembly take place on a weekly basis, which allow for relevant age and vocal development, where appropriate songs are chosen that engage the children.
  • All children receive instrumental lessons within their curriculum sessions.
  • EYFS and KS1 children explore a variety of percussive instruments, both pitched and non-pitched.
  • Within KS2 curriculum sessions the children learn to play the following musical instruments; glockenspiel; recorder; ukulele. They will then have the opportunity to join an instrumental band as an extra-curricular activity, if they wish to do so.
  • Music is planned to engage all children and links are made with other curriculum subjects when possible. The Shropshire Music Service long term plan is followed.
  • Performance opportunities are provided at several points through the year for clubs and whole school events.


All children receive outstanding music lessons from a music specialist. She can differentiate and modify learning opportunities easily, as she has taught them throughout their school life and knows exactly how the skills need to be developed, progressed and built on.

Children look forward to their Thursday music session and are disappointed if it is not able to take place. Their confidence and performance skills have been developed through having regular opportunities to perform to an audience, be it to adults or their peers in an ‘open the mic’ type session

Recent achievements & events

  • Combined live nativity – nursery reception & KS1
  • KS2 Christmas celebration in church
  • Singing Club outside carol concert as local Christmas lights switch on was cancelled
  • Y3-4 recorder recital to parents
  • Mary Poppins summer production
  • Shropshire Sings at the West Mid showground
  • Winners of the Severn Trent Song writing competition for Commonwealth games - £1000 voucher prize to spend at Rimmers music
  • Live music week – Shropshire Music Service concert in school
  • Whole visit to Theatre Severn to watch pantomime
  • Whole school singing carols in the square

Updated Music Development Plan Summer 2024 

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